About Us

Domain Asia Enterprise Sdn Bhd formerly knew as Domain Asia Enterprise was established in 2008 is a printing company in Penang, Malaysia has the capacity in experience offering the full range of print services to a variety of clients operation across many industry sectors.

Having a reliable partner enables us to create more amazing products. Since 2008, we have solely RP Printers business partner that we work together to combine smart technology and machine to exceed customer expectations.

We own the advanced offset printing machine and the completerange of post-press machines, such as die-cut machine and box gluingmachine which are operated by our experienced technicians.

Aside from that, we also provide a customized solution which tailored specifically to the client’s individual needs to ensuring the best results every time throughout the printing, finishing and binding process.


Striving for excellence continuous improvement, satisfy customer’s needs are priority.


We pride ourselves on the ability to work closely with our customers and produce the perfect layout, color and design elements that bring your concept to life.


  • We offer superior sales support.
  • We do every time better than earlier.
  • Delivering best of quality products & service for customer who entrust their faith and belief in our company

Company Details

Name of Company

Domain Asia Enterprise Sdn Bhd
(Formerly known as Domain Asia Enterprise was established in 2008)

Date of Incorporation

13th November 2015

Register No.

1165771 – T




53, Jalan Kajang 10150 Penang, Malaysia






info@domainasia.com.my / domainasia08@gmail.com

Company Secretary

Xcellink Management Services


P.Teoh & Co


i) Public Bank Berhad
ii) United Overseas Bank (M) berhad

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